Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Window Frame Table

 I have been painting a lot of furniture lately and it's been awhile since I've built something so I decided last week to use a old chippy window frame to create a table.

I tried to take pictures of my process along with my mistakes, so here it goes. First was attaching the legs which were cut to 28 inches.

I really wanted them to go on the other sides of the frame but this is what I started with.

I loved the chippy frame and didn't want to cover it up to much. Yes the legs are a little crooked but adding support will fix this problem, so I thought.

For the table base I pre-drilled wide pallet board and screwed to the bottom of the frame.

I then added a support piece to the legs.

The legs were still off and I knew I was adding another piece of pallet wood to cover the sides.

So I took the legs off  and started over with them, this is the table top.

I then added the extra piece of pallet wood and re-attached the legs to the side of the frame I originally wanted. This did make the legs more sturdy and it looked better overall.
 Murphy liked it to!

Then it was time to paint. For the legs and pallet trim I just painted white. For the table top I did a dark stain then a dry brush of the white.

It needed a pop of color so I did a coat of a Springy Green from my oops paint.

I then did a good sanding to bring out the colors underneath.

After it was completed it needed a little more support so I added cross pieces to each end.

Now the completed table is sturdy and perfectly chippy. I also added another board in-between the legs to fill the gap.

You could add a piece of glass to the top if you wanted a flat surface, but I like the top being a little sunk in.

I did distress the painted frame and legs slightly and added poly to the top wood.

So with a little trial and error I got the build I wanted and love the way it turned out.

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  1. I love it! That green is beautiful, I always enjoy a good oops paint!


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