Monday, May 1, 2017

Scrap Wood Mantels

Summer has arrived in Florida this week. We have had temps in the 90's with no rain in sight and now there are many fires burning within our state. We are currently under a burn ban and since I usually burn much of my unused scrap in our fire pit my wood pile has grown.

So I got to thinking what to do with some of it and I came up with creating a few Faux Mantels.

Most of the wood came from pallets that have been disassembled to use here and there. I was able to create 2 different sizes based on the amount of wood I had.

I added some detail wood from old fence, spindles and unused decorative pieces.

Some pieces I nailed together and for some I used screws. This gave them a scrappy look.

To add the top of the mantel I placed small brackets to the underside and screwed the top piece on.

This turned out to be a fun and easy project by using what I had on hand. I just gave a quick painting to the whole piece in OOPS paint then sanded down.

I actually was able to create 3 mantels but one went to my shop space before I took photos.

What have you got in your scrap pile just waiting to become something useful and decorative?

The good news is that there is rain in the forecast for all this week so hopefully we will be getting some relief from the fires and heat.

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  1. Pretty unique idea! I can imagine building one larger to be like a garden archway.

  2. This is such a clever project! You'll be able to use these mantels in so many different ways. The mantels are so creative and unique.


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