Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Painted Secretary Desk

Here's hoping that everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. Summer is definitely here in Florida, it is hot, hot and more hot with temps in the upper 90's. Add in the humidity and you've got one hot, steamy mess.

For a quick update to a secretary desk I've had I decided paint was again to the rescue. This is the before.

It is a pretty common style of desk with three large drawers on the bottom.

I again used Dixie Belle Paint in Drop-Cloth for a quick and easy makeover.

I love having drawer fronts painted a different color or left in their original state.

These drawer fronts were painted with latex oops paint.

I left the inside unpainted except for the flip desk top.

I did distress slightly on the edges of desk and drawers.

Original hardware was put back on after completed.
Clear coat was applied as a sealer.

This was a easy update for a dated piece.

Here's to having a great Summer!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Window Frame Table

 I have been painting a lot of furniture lately and it's been awhile since I've built something so I decided last week to use a old chippy window frame to create a table.

I tried to take pictures of my process along with my mistakes, so here it goes. First was attaching the legs which were cut to 28 inches.

I really wanted them to go on the other sides of the frame but this is what I started with.

I loved the chippy frame and didn't want to cover it up to much. Yes the legs are a little crooked but adding support will fix this problem, so I thought.

For the table base I pre-drilled wide pallet board and screwed to the bottom of the frame.

I then added a support piece to the legs.

The legs were still off and I knew I was adding another piece of pallet wood to cover the sides.

So I took the legs off  and started over with them, this is the table top.

I then added the extra piece of pallet wood and re-attached the legs to the side of the frame I originally wanted. This did make the legs more sturdy and it looked better overall.
 Murphy liked it to!

Then it was time to paint. For the legs and pallet trim I just painted white. For the table top I did a dark stain then a dry brush of the white.

It needed a pop of color so I did a coat of a Springy Green from my oops paint.

I then did a good sanding to bring out the colors underneath.

After it was completed it needed a little more support so I added cross pieces to each end.

Now the completed table is sturdy and perfectly chippy. I also added another board in-between the legs to fill the gap.

You could add a piece of glass to the top if you wanted a flat surface, but I like the top being a little sunk in.

I did distress the painted frame and legs slightly and added poly to the top wood.

So with a little trial and error I got the build I wanted and love the way it turned out.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Drop Cloth Dresser

I recently purchased a dresser with mirror. It is quite a large piece and was in great shape, just needed a little update.

I've started using Dixie Belle Paint and love their products so far. My new go to color in white is Drop Cloth. It is not a bright white and looks great. This dresser was the usual brown furniture color (didn't take before picture) but the after is fabulous I think.

I left the drawers and tops original and just painted the frame and mirror.

The wood was a little lighter in color so I just did one coat of a darker stain to it. The finish on it was pretty worn so the stain did stick and darken the wood slightly. Poly was added to the tops.

I updated the hardware which came from Hobby Lobby. They were painted Drop Cloth also.

The edges were slightly distressed and the painted areas was sealed with Dixie Belle Clear Coat.

I liked the markings in the wood and adding the darker stain highlighted them.

The top piece has additional storage with three drawers and a big mirror. It is a separate piece and can be removed for easy moving. 

I really like mixing painted areas and keeping tops original. The drawer fronts in original wood give this piece a nice contrast.

 This piece is now available in my booth at The Coop Antiques.

Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kitchen Island Makeover

I love islands! Of course one surrounded by water are the best kind, but having one in the kitchen isn't bad either.

 This makeover started with a cabinet I found at a local thrift store.

It had good bones and there was a shelf already in place on the bottom behind the doors. The top was a little loose so we did re-attach it with liquid nails.

I didn't worry about it oozing out because I knew it would be covered when complete. I then used Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Midnight Sky to give it a whole new look.

It is a rich black color that turned out great. A little hardware was added to one side only.

For the back I just added pallet wood to cover. Then I stained it and painted the same black. 
It was then distressed for a rustic look.

A piece of trim board was added to the top for a transition piece.

The inside of the cabinet was in great shape and just needed a good cleaning. 

I also added new drawer pulls that were more with the style of the island.

The top was sanded and re-stained for a clean look. It was also finished with poly.

The rest of the painted cabinet was given 2 coats of Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin Finish.

Wheels were added for easy mobility and then they lock in place.

I love the way it turned out but unfortunately it does not fit into my kitchen space.

Maybe it will become a patio bar instead for all the island summer drinks we will be having!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Scrap Wood Mantels

Summer has arrived in Florida this week. We have had temps in the 90's with no rain in sight and now there are many fires burning within our state. We are currently under a burn ban and since I usually burn much of my unused scrap in our fire pit my wood pile has grown.

So I got to thinking what to do with some of it and I came up with creating a few Faux Mantels.

Most of the wood came from pallets that have been disassembled to use here and there. I was able to create 2 different sizes based on the amount of wood I had.

I added some detail wood from old fence, spindles and unused decorative pieces.

Some pieces I nailed together and for some I used screws. This gave them a scrappy look.

To add the top of the mantel I placed small brackets to the underside and screwed the top piece on.

This turned out to be a fun and easy project by using what I had on hand. I just gave a quick painting to the whole piece in OOPS paint then sanded down.

I actually was able to create 3 mantels but one went to my shop space before I took photos.

What have you got in your scrap pile just waiting to become something useful and decorative?

The good news is that there is rain in the forecast for all this week so hopefully we will be getting some relief from the fires and heat.

Thanks for stopping by,


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