Monday, August 3, 2015

Updated Flip Top Bar

A few weeks back we acquired a few furniture pieces at auction, including this bar/storage cabinet.

Structurally it was in great shape- the missing bottom piece was there and I just reattached it. 

To give it a updated look I tried Krylon Chalky Paint for the first time.

I chose Colonial Ivory to keep it a neutral color that would go well with the black top.

I bought 2 cans at Hobby Lobby. They are priced at $8.99 each but with my 40% off coupon the price came down on one can making it much more reasonable.

This was after one coat and one can of paint. Coverage was pretty good but I did go over the sides and back with a second coat. The original finish was laminate and i just cleaned it off well before repainting.


The inside has a shelf and drawer which I just painted in a flat black- not chalky paint.
Murphy wanted his picture taken too.

The top was in great shape and only needed a good cleaning.

For the pull handles I just painted black also to match the top.

There are some pretty details on the cabinet also.

I did not distress this piece thinking it looks great the way it is.

In the end I did use 2 complete cans of paint to get the coverage I wanted. Would I use this paint again, definitely. It was quick and easy and would work great for smaller projects. Having a coupon really helps with the cost. I did not add a top coat/wax to this piece. Krylon does sell a spray wax finish as well which I have not tried. 

Have you tried this paint on any of your projects? 

All opinions and results are mine- this was not a sponsored post and I did purchase the product. 

Thanks for stopping by, 

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