Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Singer Sewing Base Storage Table

Last fall we took a trip to The Great Florida Yard Sale. It takes place twice a year Spring and Fall on the west coast of Florida. It was a lot of fun a we found a few great treasures.

One purchase was a old Singer Sewing machine cabinet. You often see them at flea markets, usually just the bases. This one had the cabinet which was pretty much roached but the base was in great shape, only a little rust.

I forgot to take pictures of the before but this is the base after cleaned and painted black.

These bases are often topped with wood to create a table top.I have also seen old wagons and crates placed on top.We wanted to add a little storage so we used a drawer from a previous dresser.

A new piece of wood was added and hinged to open creating room for storage.
This is just propped for the photo,

A little cleaning to the drawer and light stain then poly give it a finished look.

These bases make a great table project. So many different things can be used for the top.

Can't wait to get back to the flea markets this Spring.

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