Monday, August 3, 2015

Updated Flip Top Bar

A few weeks back we acquired a few furniture pieces at auction, including this bar/storage cabinet.

Structurally it was in great shape- the missing bottom piece was there and I just reattached it. 

To give it a updated look I tried Krylon Chalky Paint for the first time.

I chose Colonial Ivory to keep it a neutral color that would go well with the black top.

I bought 2 cans at Hobby Lobby. They are priced at $8.99 each but with my 40% off coupon the price came down on one can making it much more reasonable.

This was after one coat and one can of paint. Coverage was pretty good but I did go over the sides and back with a second coat. The original finish was laminate and i just cleaned it off well before repainting.


The inside has a shelf and drawer which I just painted in a flat black- not chalky paint.
Murphy wanted his picture taken too.

The top was in great shape and only needed a good cleaning.

For the pull handles I just painted black also to match the top.

There are some pretty details on the cabinet also.

I did not distress this piece thinking it looks great the way it is.

In the end I did use 2 complete cans of paint to get the coverage I wanted. Would I use this paint again, definitely. It was quick and easy and would work great for smaller projects. Having a coupon really helps with the cost. I did not add a top coat/wax to this piece. Krylon does sell a spray wax finish as well which I have not tried. 

Have you tried this paint on any of your projects? 

All opinions and results are mine- this was not a sponsored post and I did purchase the product. 

Thanks for stopping by, 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Updated Dresser With Paint And Stain

I recently purchased a 4 drawer dresser off Craigslist. It was perfect for a quick makeover since it was raw wood that had never been painted or stained.

Of course I forgot to take a photo before but I love the completed piece.

I stained the top and drawer fronts with Minwax Provincial- probably my favorite color. Then Poly was applied.

The sides were painted Indigo Ink. I did make my own chalk paint and then clear waxed the painted areas. 

The color is a little darker then shows in the pictures.

I really love 2 tone furniture and think it gives a uniqueness to each piece.

I added the dresser to my booth space at The Coop Antiques along with a little Red, White and Blue.

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, May 11, 2015

Old Drawer Storage Shelf

Well it certainly has been a busy Spring with events and posts have been seem to be lacking lately. I Just can't seem to get in a good habit of taking pictures before projects are completed.

For this one I combined 2 old drawers from a cabinet no longer with us and made a storage shelf. This is it after it was built and before any painting.

This is a side view.

I used parts of a pallet for the legs and old banister rails in between to fill it in a little. 
The banister rails were also added across the back. 

Then it was time to paint. I wanted it to be bright and colorful.

The drawer fronts, the sides and back were painted in a aqua color and the legs and banisters were updated with white.

The drawer fronts were to plain so I added flat banisters to them.

The drawers were stained in pecan. Poly was then added.

View from the back.

Overall this was a simple build and paint project and can be used for many things.

This would be great filled with plants on a porch. It could also got in a bathroom or bedroom for storage.
As a entryway table it could collect lots of things coming in or out of the house.

Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by,

Friday, March 6, 2015

Bright And Sunny Table

We are blessed to live in central Florida, especially in the Winter. With cold temps all over the country we had near record highs in the 80's this week.

This was the perfect weather to give a drab common brown side table a makeover.

This is a smaller table so I went with a bold color- Turquoise. 

The flower on the drawer looks like a sunflower now.

 The table top was just sanded and re-stained a little darker then the original color.

 A little reminder that Spring is just around the corner.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Side Tables Makeover

I picked up these cute side tables off Craig's List recently. They were in good shape, only one table needed a patch of filler to the top.

A updated look with paint is really all they needed. I used Farmhouse Paint in Blue Toile.

I did keep the original hardware and distressed the tables slightly.

The legs have great curves and lines and distressed beautifully.

These tables are a great size and could be end tables or night stands. 

What a pair!

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Junkie Love Sign

Happy February!  Needing a little LOVE this month, then this easy Junk Love sign is for you.

Let's get started.

I gathered up some junk pieces and a scrap piece of wood that was originally part of  and old shelving unit that we no longer use. i wanted to give the wood an older chippy look so the first step was to stain the whole piece after sanding it down.

After stained dried I applied white paint just rough brushing. It dried then sanded the piece again.

Lastly a layer of pink paint then sanded again when it dried and you now have a layered look of older wood.

Close up of wood.

Then just add the letters to complete the sign.

I added a simple chain for hanging also.

The painted wood looks great underneath.

Since I was painting with pink I also did a few stenciled LOVE BIRD signs.

Have a LOVELY day and THANKS for stopping by,

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Singer Sewing Base Storage Table

Last fall we took a trip to The Great Florida Yard Sale. It takes place twice a year Spring and Fall on the west coast of Florida. It was a lot of fun a we found a few great treasures.

One purchase was a old Singer Sewing machine cabinet. You often see them at flea markets, usually just the bases. This one had the cabinet which was pretty much roached but the base was in great shape, only a little rust.

I forgot to take pictures of the before but this is the base after cleaned and painted black.

These bases are often topped with wood to create a table top.I have also seen old wagons and crates placed on top.We wanted to add a little storage so we used a drawer from a previous dresser.

A new piece of wood was added and hinged to open creating room for storage.
This is just propped for the photo,

A little cleaning to the drawer and light stain then poly give it a finished look.

These bases make a great table project. So many different things can be used for the top.

Can't wait to get back to the flea markets this Spring.

Thanks for stopping by,

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