Friday, February 7, 2014

Dumpster Desk Kitchen Island

I am so excited to share this project with you today! It just might be my favorite one yet.

And of course it all started with a dumpster find- This time it was a desk.

As you can see one drawer was missing and broken but no worries since I knew instantly I wanted to make a kitchen island. Unfortunately I did not have time to take finished pictures before it was SOLD. 

I did manage a few with my phone last weekend ( my camera was put away due to the on and off rain ) at The Vintage Vibe. These I took right before the new owners returned for pick up.

This whole island is made from recycled materials.

The lower rusted grate shelf was a level from a cart we found- by a dumpster.
We had to cut it a little to size and we left one side open so it can be removed if you want.

We raised the desk to island height 36 inches with 4x4's and added wavy skirting that was from a dining room table- found curbside. We were going to use the table top to extend the size of the island top but decided to leave it the same size and add recycled stainless for the top.


The stainless came off a old refrigerator and the handle made the perfect towel holder. 

As you can see we also added corrugated rusty metal to the sides and back. This is the side without the drawers. A bottle opener and a hook made from can openers are on this side.

The paint was a very light blue-gray color that was in the Home Depot oops department. The following photos were taken when we were making the island.

Since one bottom drawer was broken I removed the bottom 2 on each side and added some plywood to create shelf space.

Mike cut the metal for the sides and then I simply screwed it onto the desk.

Then Mike cut the stainless for the top, sanded it with a wire wheel and soothed the edges. 

I distressed the edges and used the original drawer pulls.
Just rusted them up a little.

I wish I had more pictures of it completed but the weather last week was cold and rainy so I didn't get many before it was loaded on the trailer for the Vibe. I was really excited when it sold so quickly and for asking price.  So here are a few more random photos.

Hope you enjoyed my 
Dumpster Desk to Island Dream.

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