Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sewing Table Makeover

In my last post I shared a French Garden Sign that was made from the top of a sewing table.

This is what I did with the table base. Painted and a new top added it is now a small desk or table.

We bought this one at a flea market recently. You always see them and usually for a good price.

The top removed and painted.

A new piece of wood was attached to create the new table/desk top.

The back of the table had a thin piece of veneer that I just took off and replaced it with a piece of metal.

I like how it gives the table a new industrial look.

The top was completely sanded down then stained and poly applied. 

A little distressing on the drawers and legs gives it a finished look.

Super cute table that now has a new life.

It is the perfect size for a small desk or foyer, side table. 

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Monday, December 8, 2014

French Garden Sign

Well I know it's the holiday season but I live in Florida. We don't have snow and much cold weather maybe that's why this project came to mind over the weekend when it was still about 80 degrees in December. Don't be jealous we are expecting cooler weather the rest of the week- highs in the 60's which will be a welcome change.

On to my quick- but somewhat Spring time project.

Recently I have acquired a few sewing tables from flea markets and garage sales. For the repurpose of this one I used the flip top to make the sign. The rest of the table will be getting a new flat top to be turned into a desk/side table. Stay tuned for this project.

I painted the top with Farmhouse Paint in Willow Green. It was the last little bit left in my can. I love this paint. It is a chalk paint that requires no prep, sanding or waxing! Have you tried it yet??

Normally I would't use an expensive paint for signs but it was the bottom of the can which I added a little water to to stretch it to get a few completed.

After drying I sanded the sign then applied my stencil design in black.

When all was dry again I lightly sanded with a 220 grit paper to age the print.

I attached a bread pan to the bottom and some chain to the hinges for hanging.

I added wooden roses for now but you could always plant a few real flowers.

This is a perfect sign for your fence, garden or inside your home.

I hope to share the rest of the sewing cabinet makeover soon.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mrs. Norris Gets A Makeover

Last weekend at a neighborhood garage sale one of the items we bought was this cute little end/ night table.

She was the perfect size and in pretty good shape, except for the sticker on the front. But that did give her a name. I often see other bloggers naming their furniture pieces. Do you?? 

She got a good cleaning and the sticker came off easily using Citra-Solv which I purchased for another project that did not turn out so well. I originally got it to transfer graphics but just ended up with a black blob. The good part is it smells wonderful and it a great all purpose cleaner (My Opinion).

She was then painted Duck Egg by Annie Sloan, distressed and waxed.

By far this was the fastest makeover I have ever done.

The top and shelf area were just lightly sanded, re-stained and sealed with Poly.

I like the contrast with the painted and dark wood.

Her original knobs were used as well.

I love the distressed look and it was the perfect finishing touch for Mrs. Norris.

She is now in her new home at The Coop Antiques in Oviedo.

We are excited for the opportunity to have another booth location.

Please stop by in person and LIKE them on Facebook.

Mrs. Norris would love to go home with you.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

New Shop Space And A Rustic Bench

It has been a busy Summer for us so far but great things are happening! We have finally made to the jump to having a store booth space in a fantastic new store in Rockledge, Florida.

One of the first items we brought there was a bench made from a headboard, a foot-board and old fencing.

The back headboard had a fake wicker center so we just removed it and replaced it with the old fence pieces. The side arms were created from a foot-board cut in half.

We just built a seat from thicker pallet pieces. I stained the center pieces to make them start to look like fence pieces. We just did't have enough of the fence left for the seat.

A little paint and stain then sanding gives it a whole new look.

I did paint the seat center boards grey over the stain then sanded to mimic the fence on the back.

The end posts look pretty good as well.

My NEW shop spot is at Vintage Living Marketplace in Rockledge, Florida.
 It is a great new shop full of Vintage, Shabby Chic, Repurposed, Industrial Decor.

My space has a cool metal wall on one side- awesome for us

Mike had to add a little metal to the bench so these bars took up the hole spaces left from the original foot- board.

This bench looks pretty awesome in our new space.

Thanks for stopping by and if you get to Brevard County Florida
Vintage Living Marketplace is a must stop at destination!!

See you there soon!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spray Paint Quickie- Magazine Rack

 I love it when a simple project gets done in under an hour. The transformations that can be done using spray paint are endless, especially on small projects like this one.

As you can see this was an ordinary magazine rack that I purchased from my favorite thrift store.

But with the help of spray paint it's not ordinary anymore.

I used Valspars Color Radiance- Nautical color. I love bright colors, especially on small pieces.

Just spray it, let it dry, and some sanding here and there.

It really is that easy and gives it a whole new look.

Corners and spindles have so much definition now.

The best part is if you want to change the color it's only a can of spray paint away.

What's your favorite piece that you have done with spray paint??

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Big Bertha Bench

I'm so happy to finally share this bench project with you. It has been completed for a few weeks but I'm just finding the time to share.

I was calling her Big Bertha because this is one heavy bench that is 5 feet long.

She was constructed from a little of this and a little of that.

The bottom bench came from a Chili's restaurant that was remodeled. It only had the front legs so we added the back ones. Mike added the metal scroll arms and the metal frame for the back.

I added multi-colored scrap wood pieces for the seat.

The back is the same piece of wood that I used for my Junk Holiday Mantel.with the car parts removed.

But we did add a handle just to give it some detail.

A few pieces of reclaimed fence give the trim a finished look.

Even though we love the bench it did make the trip to our show last weekend. She was a good spot to display a few frames and things for the weekend.

And she SOLD!! Thank goodness we only had to move her once and she now has a new home.

Enjoy your new place on the beach side of Florida, Big Bertha.

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