Friday, October 25, 2013

Scrap Wood Crates

It's been a busy few weeks around here.We are still in travel softball season with tournaments every other weekend plus Erin's high school team plays a fall season which just finished this week. So the only thing I've been doing lately is cheering her on!!

I've seen a lot of scrap wood crates on Pinterest so thought I would share the ones I made in a quick post.

There's really not that much to them. I just stapled some scrap wood together for the sides and added a piece of hardwood cut to size for the bottoms. 

I then just painted them, added some lettering and rough sanded all around to age them a little.

Adding some dried flowers ( All of which came from Mike over the years ) and some fall colors
they were a quick and simple project that anyone can do.

To the sides I added drawer/cabinet pulls for handles. 

They are very inexpensive at Home Depot.

And come in black or silver.

These can either be displayed separately or scatter stacked.

Lots of things can be placed in these crates and they make creative storage too.

The weather has FINALLY turned a little cooler this week I just hope it lasts awhile. 

Cooler weather tends to get the creative juices flowing again and it's much more comfortable to be outside.

It's also great to open the windows and air out the house after a long, hot summer. 

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