Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Potting Bench Update Perfect For Fall

A few months back I made a pallet potting bench, added a metal piece for the bottom shelf, painted it bright colors and thought nothing else of it.

Along the way the center board on the top warped a little so I cut it out, added another piece of metal and thought nothing else of it.

There was only one problem..... the metal piece that was on the back. I never really liked the way it looked.

So last weekend off came the metal back and it was replaced with a  piece of another pallet.

The paint was updated as well by sanding down a lot of the blue and adding some grey.

Now she is ready for fall planting!

Much better don't you think??

The pallet piece gave the back a much needed shelf.

It is the perfect place for our flea market garden tools and rusty finds.

The new metal cut out piece on the top is a GRATE place to have when you need to brush soil down.

Did you see all those fallen leaves that just magically appeared??

No! We don't have them in Florida, but the dollar store does!!

The back needed a little extra support so I added  4 cut spindle legs to the bottom of the pallet shelf.

Rubbed with a little stain they now looked perfectly weathered.

The bottom grate is also the perfect place for storage and display.

And I always add a few hooks for hanging.

So now I really like this updated version and think the colors are great for fall.

There's even room for a bottle of wine if you are so inclined.

What, you don't drink wine while gardening??

Hope you enjoyed my little update.

And to see the potting bench with the metal back that worked go HERE

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  1. This is so ingenious! I especially love the metal grate to wipe off the soil! Thanks for linking up at the The Get Inspired Weekend Pinning Party

    1. Thanks Stephanie- We love adding metal elements whenever we can and the grate bottom was perfect for this project.


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