Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Farmers Market Sign

Over the summer while Mike was recovering I was a vendor at the Orlando Farmers Market. It is located in Downtown Orlando by beautiful Lake Eola Park.

I did get some help from my daughters each week because it was a big undertaking for me to accomplish by myself. The funniest part was me trying to pull in and park to unload! Luckily they have very good and very patient park helpers to get everyone in and out safely.   It is a big market with lots of fruits and vegetables, plants, flowers and art / craft vendors. It is every Sunday from 10- 4.

The only downside to summer vending is the HEAT!! It was HOT HOT HOT!! And a few weeks we got early afternoon rains. When the weather turns bad the market is closed immediately and packing up in the rain is no fun but most of our stuff could get wet so we were lucky in that respect.

I love the look of old, vintage, farm signs. So I decided to make one of my own.

 The Farmers Market inspired this quick little rustic sign.

I simply sanded and stained a board then painted on the lettering in black.

A little more sanding to distress it. Then coated with poly.

Two coffee cup hooks added to the top and a chain to hang it by.

 And there you have it.

The perfect Sunday Farmers Market sign.

My T did get cut off just a little, but this adds to the quirky- ness I think.

The letters are not straight on purpose.

We are taking a break from the market for a few weeks so for now the sign is
hanging above my piano- mantel.

It's a little bit of a mess right now and I know it should be decorated
for fall soon but I just can't seem to think of fall since it's still so hot outside.

 This is a mirrored wall so that's why you can see things in the background. 

Do you visit a local Farmers Market in your area??

Visit the Orlando Farmers Market here.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day,


  1. I love your sign Susan -
    And I'm nowhere near ready to decorate for Fall either and I'm way up north in Montreal lol
    I can't accept that it's happening.
    At. All.
    Have a great Sunday

    1. Thanks Suzan, I can't believe how quickly the year has flown. I'm sure you will be having fall like weather soon. Thanks for visiting.


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