Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Hat Named Corona

I have never really been a hat person. I just never could seem to find one that was comfortable and looked good on me.... until I found CORONA.

She was a lonely ball cap in the deep discount section of a local discount store. Marked down 95% to an amazing price of 75 cents I figured what the heck and in my basket she went.

Needless to say, we have become inseparable.

 Especially on Saturdays when I'm either at a softball game, working in the yard or projects, vending at a craft or garden show or just being lazy and just not wanting to do my hair. Of course one of our favorite places to be is the beach!

We have even enjoyed a camping trip or two.

Since I have started blogging CORONA has become a great prop also. She has been featured in many posts already. Like my Large and In Charge Chalkboard.

And a shelf that was made a little shabby.

This Spring I started to build Pallet Potting Tables. Corona made the perfect prop for the hooks.

I'm so happy that I took a chance on this ball- cap. She seems like an old friend, like that perfect pair of jeans or a favorite T-shirt that you simply can't throw away.

She hangs by the front door always ready to go when I need her!

Yes I call this hat a her, she has become a part of my family. So if you are ever in the Central Florida area and spot me and Corona,  Please give us a HI!!

What is one of your favorite old, worn, comfortable go-to piece??



  1. Love this! I can so relate! I have a collection of baseball hats that I wear to the flea or junkin' when I don't wanna do my hair...cute and easy! :)

    1. Thanks Susan, Glad you can relate. Enjoy your week.


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