Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Motor Home Makeover Has Begun

A few weeks back we purchased a used motor home. We have had a few in the past but never really had one that we wanted to keep.

 We either didn't like the layout or the size, but we really like having one for weekend get a ways and to use the weekends we do shows.

Mike was constantly stalking Craigslist for the perfect layout and price and finally found a "Diamond In The Rough"

After a through inspection and some clever negotiation, we got the price where we wanted it and brought her home.

All mechanically parts are in working order- but cosmetically is another story.
It has been unused for awhile therefore it has acquired that dirty, dusty smell.
The carpet was horrible and the previous owners put up wallpaper in the bedroom area. 

Needless to say it is in the process of a "MAKEOVER"

We immediately washed everything we could- about 3 times- cushion covers and curtains.
This improved the dusty smell a lot.What an improvement to have them white again.
Molly agrees!

The other semi quick fix was to remove all the nasty, dirty carpet. 
It must have never been cleaned.
Underneath was flooring that is not perfect but will work for now until we have the time to replace it.

So after removing the carpet and then what seems like hundreds of staples together
with a few hours of scrubbing off the glue and cleaning the floor,
we got a pretty good result. 

It's still not perfect, but sooooo much better then dirty carpet. 
I never understood why you would have carpet in the first place, 
all it does is get dirty. To me it's so much easier to just sweep
and mop the floor. 

We do plan on replacing the floor soon.

The next area for makeover is the bedroom.
Removing the wall paper that is on the walls now and painting them.

I will be posting updates as we go along!

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your week.

Susan and Mike


  1. I bet it will look great when it's done! Thanks for stopping by my blog, returning the favor :)

  2. I've always had a dream of redoing an RV (ever since the summer eons ago that I traveled N. America in a VW bus) How fun! I'm excited to see all you do; no detail is too small!

    1. Thank you Laurel- Bet you had fun in that bus!!

  3. Oh my gosh this brings back memories! We bought an RV (30+ foot fifth wheel) while we built the first time. Our rental lease had run out and we were sure we could wrap up the project in just a couple of months...Not. Building never goes according to schedule. Four kids in a fifth wheel from school's start past Christmas, while we DIY'd a new house. Nightmarish, but it makes for a great story now...and 8 years later, the thought of vacationing in an RV actually has appeal again.

    Good luck with your project!!! Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your story. We are really looking forward to getting our project/ makeover completed.


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