Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tiki Bar and Grill

With the ever changing weather in Florida ( It was only in the 50's on Sunday, but it will reach 80 degrees today), I thought it was appropriate to have a little TIKI BAR TIME!

I started making these pallet serving trays last year with a Thanksgiving and Christmas theme. You can find them here and here.

But now that the weather is turning into Spring and soon it will be Summer I decided to make a few with a tropical fun theme.

And we needed something to use with our Chili's bar table.

They are the same simple design of combining four pallet boards about 22 - 24 inches long. I simply painted on the back round color. The letters were traced then painted in and the palm tree I just free hand painted.

I then attached the side boards with adhesive glue. The handle pieces I did in a walnut stain.

The handles were purchased at Home Depot for about $1.80 each. I also attached a small square pallet piece with screws to the corners to work as feet. A semi- clear coat of poly was applied to the finished tray.

I also painted some for the Bar and Grill because that is what we always seem to do together!!

I always like the way the handles are different from the painted wood. It just give them a little distinction.

This is a simple project that anyone can do and have fun with. Just paint it however you would like.

Hope you enjoyed a little mid week Tiki Time!



  1. hi, i'm following the "aloha friday" hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev

    1. Hey Bev, Thanks for visiting and following. I'll be sure to send some love your way too.

  2. Hi Susan, these turned out very nice. such a great use of those old pallets! New follower on your blog and G+ ;-)

    1. Thank you for visiting and for following! Have a wonderful day.

  3. Love this sign! I'm your newest GFC, PInterest and Twitter from the CHQ bloghop. I'd love for you to stop by and follow back. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Nici for stopping by and following- I'll head your way to and share some love. have a great week!

  4. Your tropical serving trays turned out great!

    1. Thanks Heather- It got cold here again this weekend so Tiki time will have to wait awhile.


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