Monday, February 18, 2013

Metal Monday # 7 A Little Rust

It was a short weekend for Mike since he had to work his "Real Job" on Saturday. The weather got cold for Florida over the weekend too, so needless to say finished projects just didn't happen.

We did get out on Sunday to Mount Dora and the Antique Extravaganza. This was the last one until November. It was a little cold in the morning but the sun was shining and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Unfortunately I forgot the camera but Mike did make a few purchases- Metal of course.

This tub of tools was marked $1 each, which was a great bargain. Mike managed to get the whole lot, tub and all for $20.

We had no idea what was in it, but it did have a few useful and unique things.

Some of the more fun items included an old saw and oil greaser.

There was also a advertising plate for Lodge cast iron.

And a rusty old pair of scissors.

We even acquired a new/ old piece of exercise equipment. This had a $10 price tag still on it, so we really got a deal on the whole tub.

Mike's big purchase of the day was a piece of equipment that he plans on using to form metal. We don't know anything about it but he really liked it and got the price down to $40.

Here is a close up.

Well that's a few of the items we purchased today. We had a great day and look forward to more junkin soon.

Have a great week.
                                   Mike and Susan

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