Monday, February 11, 2013

Metal Monday # 6 Ready For Spring

We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and for those of you in the northeast may you all be safe and warm.

We have been fortunate here in Florida to be experiencing Spring like weather the last few days and are already seeing ladybugs and butterflies in our yard!

They are metal of course, but do add some color to our ugly wooden/green fence.

The darling little ladybugs are created from the bottoms of Mike's Freon cans. You might remember them recently being used as pumpkins. You can read about them here.

The ladybug legs were made from the handles of the Freon cans. The butterflies are cut from a template on scrap metal and then painted on one side.

These are always fun to make together since Mike welds them and I get to paint them. We use Rust-oleum spray paint for the red and I use brush paint for all the dots.

Mike spray paints all the butterflies with the Rust-oleum as well. After they dry we apply a clear coat spray  finish to help protect them from the elements.

Mike also acquired a few traffic signs that were being replaced at his work. Since they are aluminum they can't be welded but he was still creative and made pictures out of some of them.

This is the back side.

And this is the front side.

He cut all of this by hand using his plasma cutter and then spray painted it. 

Back side of another sign.

And the front side.

This one hangs by my front door. He also cut the design with the plasma cutter by hand and spray painted the finished piece. 

We also like to use the Freon cans to create patio candles for the summer. This one usually has a citronella candle in it for the mosquitoes.

Yes we love living in Florida, especially in the Spring time.

 We have been blessed with a very warm winter so far but I just caught the news and it will only be in the 60's by next weekend! It's nice to have a little cold weather at night every now and then. We can use the fire pit and I get to burn up a lot of my scrap - scrap wood.

Enjoy your week!                                    

                                      Mike and Susan


  1. What cute art! I love the colors and the rustic feel! Saw this on Hometalk and just shared!


    1. Thanks for sharing Karianne- Have a great day.

  2. Well I have the green fence ... all I need now is the skill to pull me off some recycled metal art. Wow! Well done Susan. ~jb

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a green fence- gives it a little character- Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow ... I've never even heard of a plasma cutter! So fun!

    1. Thanks Randi- Mike has alot of fun with it!, Thanks for visiting.

  4. Replies
    1. Gald you liked it, thanks for visiting!
      Have a great day.


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