Monday, January 14, 2013

Metal Monday # 2 Funky Golfing Grasshopper

It has been a busy week for Mike, lots of cleaning out and throwing out!! His studio is now somewhat walk-able without needing an update on your tetanus shot!!

Yes I know it still looks like there is a lot there, but believe me it is a GREAT improvement. Since he completed some much needed cleaning the past few weeks, Sunday was a good day to be productive and work on a few pieces. With it being 80 degrees plus today- the weather was not to shabby either!!

Mike did a lot of plasma cutting this weekend- just to have things ready to go. A few victims were a stainless steel garbage can and an old stainless paper towel dispenser.

Cutting with the plasma cutter:

What was left for the curb:

Now let's get to this weeks Metal Creation. He is a funky yard art decoration, made from various rusty car parts, saw blades and re-bar. Yes, there is such a thing as a GOLFING GRASSHOPPER.

He is so unique and came together just by welding pieces and seeing what you came up with. The funny thing is he can actually swing his arms!! This happened totally by mistake, and he hits the ball every time!!

His face is a saw blade and various rusty bearings. He has a big nose but that's part of his personality. He also has two antennas and green eyebrows that are handles from Freon cans.

His tail is also made from Freon can handles, just a different kind. These were all welded on one by one.

His body consists of an old keyboard that became rusty just from being outside. Sometimes Mike will spray pieces with vinegar to speed up the process. It is a good trick to use if you need to rust metal.

His legs are made from re-bar and his arms are office chair legs. These are not rusty because they are made from chrome therefore he should always have silver arms.

He is a funny addition to our backyard and we are happy to have him visiting for awhile.

We are in the planning stage for the Spring Garden and Craft Shows, several which we do every year so I'm sure he will have a new home soon.


Thank you for stopping by and hoping you check in every Monday for new and creative ideas featuring metals.

                                                                MIKE AND SUSAN

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