Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Flashback 2011

Last year at this time was the beginning  my adventures in DIY. We live in a really small space, so a real Christmas tree was not really an option. Since I had already acquired a few pallets ( to be used as wood for the fire pit ) I decided to make one. Yes, I had seen a few on other sites so the idea was not completely my own.

So one Saturday afternoon with the help of my daughter Erin ( Mike happened to be at work that day ) our pallet tree was born. I think it took us most of the day to get the pallet apart, we had no idea what we were doing!! But with a little determination and GIRL POWER we got the job done.

Then came the fun part of assembling and painting. This was probably the first time I used the circular saw that has now become so easy to use. I remember how challenging it was in the beginning.

As you can see Erin did most of the painting since she was more scared of power tools then I was. We used a fence board for the trunk and just painted it a dark brown. Then we cut the pallet boards to size, painted Hunter Green and assembled to look like a tree.

On the green branches we added nails so we could hang some ornaments, since they would all not fit on this tree our special ones were chosen.  All in all it came out pretty well for our first project.

We then added a pallet to the bottom when it was in the house to give it some height and stability. White lights were added around the pallet bottom and then I ran them up the center of the tree. I covered the bottom with a white sheet for a finished look.

The lights are a little hard to see but I'm glad I had a few pictures to share. Now I have learned to take pictures of everything for future reference and posts.

I will be getting out the Christmas decorations this weekend and can't wait to see our tree again. I might even be able to make a few more. We are still in our small space but with a few improvements it has become a cozy home. Looking forward to sharing the holidays with everyone. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Thanks for checking out and following my blog. I'm now following your blog, too.

    This is such a cute idea...I might have to make one myself.

    This week, I have a couple DIY Christmas decor posts coming up. You'll have to check it out then!


  2. Hi Susan, I just wanted to let you know that I really like your blog and I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! See this post for more info:

  3. Thanks Tammmy, Going to read your post now. Sorry it's taken me this long I have been really busy lately and not keeping up with things like I should be. Thank You again... Susan


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