Monday, July 14, 2014

Big Bertha Bench

I'm so happy to finally share this bench project with you. It has been completed for a few weeks but I'm just finding the time to share.

I was calling her Big Bertha because this is one heavy bench that is 5 feet long.

She was constructed from a little of this and a little of that.

The bottom bench came from a Chili's restaurant that was remodeled. It only had the front legs so we added the back ones. Mike added the metal scroll arms and the metal frame for the back.

I added multi-colored scrap wood pieces for the seat.

The back is the same piece of wood that I used for my Junk Holiday Mantel.with the car parts removed.

But we did add a handle just to give it some detail.

A few pieces of reclaimed fence give the trim a finished look.

Even though we love the bench it did make the trip to our show last weekend. She was a good spot to display a few frames and things for the weekend.

And she SOLD!! Thank goodness we only had to move her once and she now has a new home.

Enjoy your new place on the beach side of Florida, Big Bertha.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Star Spangled Poster Art

A while back I bought a poster at Hobby Lobby from the clearance section. Since I never pay full price for anything it was a pretty good deal at 75% off. For some reason I thought it was the Declaration of Independence and with the 4th of July less then a month away I decided to get to work on a quick easy project.

The " Star Spangled Banner " poster was already tan in color but it needed a little more age to it so with the help of a lighter, instant aging was accomplished.

I simply burned the edges all the way around and a few spots throughout the poster from underneath. 

This edge got away from me a little but the words are still intact. 

I used the top of a pallet that had no spaces. Painted it red,white and blue then distressed and aged with stain.

I applied Mod- Podge to the back of the poster and pressed to the pallet.

Starting from the center working my way out gently pressed the poster down.

It did end up with a few wrinkles in the poster but I think it just adds to it and makes it look old.

I let it dry overnight and then applied more Mod- Podge over the whole top of the poster to seal it.

Mike added 3 rusty stars to the top and a chain for hanging.

This was a simple project to help celebrate the 4th. 

It is only hung on the fence for photo purposes since it should probably not get wet.

I really have no wall space in my shoe box size house that I live in, but here it is propped on my piano.

(excuse the dust )

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